John A. Barry

Sex maniac starts with a sibilant sound and is separated from the liquid-leading locution lex maniac by a mere sex—that is, six—letters.

Sex per se is not the province of this website, although the site will sometimes examine the lexicon of sex—its “sexicon.” We’re all familiar with the term sex maniac, but what is a “lex maniac”? Someone who’s excessively enthusiastic about words—someone who exhibits, to paraphrase Oracle Of Obfuscation Alan Greenspan, “irrational lexuberance.” I’m one of these deviants. I like lexicons, lexises, lexplay, and etymologies—speaking of which, the lex in lexicon, lexis, lexicographer, etc., comes from the Greek lexikhós, “of words,” and lexís, “speech, diction, word, text.”

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